About Me...

Hello! My name is Lesley and welcome to my Integrative Nutrition Site,  LangLiving. My passions in life are being healthy and being happy. Sounds simple doesn't it! It really can be with the right mindset and support. I believe happiness in not a destination & our lives are a never ending project . I thrive to live the best life I can. I was born in Bonnie Scotland, where I achieved my Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Human Biology, Psychology & Sociology, as well as working part time in a pharmacy. During my time at university I was particularly interested in mental health. Paired with my experiences working in a pharmacy I wrote my final dissertation, "Depression, are antidepressants over prescribed". After graduation I was delighted to be accepted for a position to work within this challenging area. I worked happily supporting mental health clients with The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH). From seeing the side of drug prescribing to the affect they were having on my clients ,my eyes were truly opened. I knew there was a bigger picture of health. When at university both my parents developed cancer at the same time and I myself suffered a severe illness. I was given an antibiotic for a regular infection that resulted in Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a life threatening allergic reaction to medication. During the time I was in intensive care and later caring for my parents, I experienced first hand the sole treatment of orthodox medicine in our society. I knew there was more than what we were doing to treat illness. From a young age I have had an interest in Essential Oils and Complimentary Therapies. Especially as a therapy for emotional & mental health issues. I pursued this interest whilst working at SAMH and further studied Holistic Body Massage part-time. In 2012 I relocated to Switzerland to be with my husband. We lively simply and happily in a small village surrounded by beautiful nature and agriculture. When I relocated I was excited to breathe in that pure Alpine air and try to learn at least one of the four official languages spoken in Switzerland. From day one of my life, so I have been told, my relationship with food has been a strong and healthy one. For this I am grateful and I am pleased to say this relationship has only grown deeper. Whilst experiencing a new culture living abroad I was becoming more passionate about healthy food and healthy living. Pairing this with my love of working with people and helping them,  I embarked on the natural progression to study Integrative Nutrition. With my qualifications and experience it was time to for me to focus on Health Promotion. My drive behind LangLiving is a deep desire to support individuals in achieving their own long-term health goals and living a more full, balanced and happier lifestyle. Helping others to discover what works for their body using sustainable methods for the long term, without fad diets.

Health & Happiness,